Your First Step Toward Peace of Mind...

Here's How We Can Serve You:

*Inspection Reports Immediately Given to the Buyer - No Waiting

*10% Discount for our Active Military (a minor display of our appreciation)

*We're Experts in Old House (and new) Materials & Methods of Construction

*New Home Walk-through Services, including 6-Month and 1-Year Warranty Punch Lists

*Estimated Cost of Repairs Is Available - We're Licensed Virginia Contractors

*Re-Inspections of Corrective Work

*Photo documentation of defective conditions 

*Are you having a house built?  We can inspect it above and beyond what local government inspectors will do! 

Here's What Our Inspection Entails...

  • Complete evaluation of appliances, all accessible electrical receptacles, switches & fixtures

  • Testing all plumbing fixtures & water treatment systems, along with water pressure observation and examination of the water heater and visible supply & waste lines

  • Running heating and air-conditioning systems, checking for air flow & proper temperature, looking at ductwork connections, and the examination of air handlers and outside condenser units of heat pumps

  • Operating all accessible doors and windows for proper function

  • Checking the attic for structural, air & moisture problems

  • Evaluating the exterior of the house, including the roof

  • Inspecting the crawlspace for structural problems, plumbing leaks, electrical problems, and moisture issues. 

You'll receive your typed inspection report ~ printed on site.

For Those New to Virginia...

Water is tested for bacteria only.  This test usually is arranged and paid for by the seller, and is conducted by someone else.  This also is the case for septic system inspections.

Another inspection that is normally provided by the seller is a termite inspection.  We will note insect and moisture issues on your report, but we make no claim as termite inspectors.  Termite inspectors, by the way, also offer moisture and mold inspection as well as remediation services.

Finally, if your prospective home is on a septic system, the septic inspection will be arranged by the seller, too.  It is a state law that requires septic tanks be pumped out every five years. 

Monday through Friday

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P.O.Box 267 Mathews, Virginia 23109

Scheduling Information...

While we try to schedule morning inspections between 8:30 and 10:00 a.m., and afternoon inspections between 2:00 and 3:00 p.m., we understand that, in some instances, you'll need to find a different time that suits you.  We'll try our best to accomodate your needs.

In June, July and August, appointments may be scheduled as late as 5:00 p.m. because of extended daylight.

Many buyers have the notion that they must be present for the entire inspection.  You're certainly welcomed to do that, but we recommend (at the very least) that you are present at the end of the inspection.  When we've completed our inspection we'll go over it with you, and we'll point out deficiencies to you at that time.  We'll make sure that you don't miss anything!  

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